10 Small Business Packaging Ideas

Are you looking for small business packaging ideas? If so, there are many cute packaging ideas for small businesses. One of the important things to consider during this starting point is choosing the right packaging ideas for your business products.

When you are looking for product packaging ideas for your small business, you need to decide the type of creative package that suits your products.

Moreover, after manufacturing your products, the next is to packaged them in appropriate containers or packages to prevent them from damages and contamination. That’s why you need to come up with the best packaging ideas.

Another important aspect when it comes to small business packaging ideas is to consider some criteria in your choice of packaging. However, the following should be considered when choosing a packaging idea for products:

1. The physical nature of the product. I.e whether it is solid or liquid.

2. The size of the products.

3. Whether the product requires storing in cool packaging materials.

4. The distance in which the products will be transported.

5. Whether the packaging material can be reused.

When running a product business, the way you package your products should be the first impression to your customers.

This article will show you some of the packaging ideas for small businesses. And we will help you understand each idea. Therefore, you can now be able to make decisions on which package is suitable for your products.

10 Small Business Packaging Ideas To Consider

  1. Shrink Film
  2. Roll Bags
  3. Strapping
  4. Bundling Film
  5. Carded Packaging
  6. Shrink Bands
  7. Stretch Film
  8. Corrugated Boxes
  9. Flexible Pouches
  10. Polybags

1. Shrink Film

Shrink film also referred to as shrink wrap, is a creative package idea for finished goods (products). As a small business looking for a packaging idea for your products, you should consider shrink wrapping.

Shrink film is available in any given form, be it thickness, ratio, or strength, as it serves as protection for your product. Perhaps, the shrink film is of 3 main types which are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polyolefin.

Of which each of the methods has its capabilities and characteristics that make them suitable for packaging products. Still and all, Polyolefin (POF) remains the best shrink film for packaging your products. This is because of its durability and tensile strength when it comes to industrial uses.

One of the major advantages of this option is the ability to protect your products till it reaches their destination.

2. Roll Bags

These are very useful in packaging products. Roll bags is one of the small business packaging ideas that are affordable and effective.

In a brief, one side of each roll bag has an opening for easy insertion and removal of products.

This packaging item is transparently made from different varieties of plastics. In addition to this, there are many roll bags, and they have their special features. What matters most is the security which they provide for your products.

To decide if roll bags are a good choice for your products, you first need to consider your budget and the type of products to be wrapped.

3. Strapping

Another product packaging idea revolves around strapping. Nonetheless, you can use the strapping method to bundle your products together to secure them during storage or transport.

As a small business, your sole aim should be about protecting your products from damage and loss. And strapping helps in preventing such loss.

There are different types of strapping, and each type has its characteristics. Meanwhile, the nature of the environment and size of your products will determine the type of strapping to utilize.

4. Bundling Film

When you sell your products in multiple units, then the bundling film is the perfect solution. With bundling films, you can package your products altogether. Nevertheless, it is advised that you join your products to the pallet to prevent spillage during supply (shipping).

To sum it up, bundling film is used to form different bundles of the products before packaging them. Therefore, this makes it easier for the consumer of the product.

5. Carded Packaging

Carded packaging consists of three subcategories when it comes to packaging a product. These subcategories include Blister, skin, and clamshell packaging.

Blister packaging: Blister package is made from thermoformed plastic, and is mainly used in packaging products like consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and perishables.

Skin packaging: Skin packaging is a form of carded packaging materials used to place the products within a piece of paperboard. This method tightly protects your products or items.

Clamshell packaging: Out of the three subcategories of carded packaging, the clamshell is the easiest to use. On the other hand, the clamshell containers are often made from a variety of plastic such as PVC, polystyrene, or polyester. Clamshell is mostly suitable for consumer goods.

Despite the 3 subcategories of carded packaging, your business should figure out which type of carded packaging supplies are right for your products.

6. Shrink Bands

If you are looking for protective packaging ideas for your products, then the shrink bands are quite protective. It can be pre-made to fit in some products. And these products include jars, bottles, liquid droppers, and other related items.

Shrink bands are less expensive and as well very cost-effective. They protect their products and therefore giving evidence when a particular product has been tampered with.

7. Stretch Film

Also, consider the stretch film techniques. This technique helps keep your products tightly bound and packaged.

Stretch film also known as the stretch wrap is among the small business packaging ideas to consider for your products. This is because it is of highly stretchable plastic that is wrapped around your products giving it maximum protection.

This packaging material has found its place among the most common packaging method used by companies especially during shipping or supply. However, the goal is to protect your products from damages during the supply process.

8. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are popularly used in packaging groceries, consumer goods and as well use for food delivery services, and other necessities. It is, therefore, suitable for packaging and shipping products worldwide.

To illustrate, the corrugated boxes are made from fiberboard, which involves the process called corrugation (fluted lamination). Nevertheless, as a small business enterprise, you can ship your products to your customers using corrugated boxes.

9. Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are mostly used in the food and beverage industry. Meanwhile, flexible pouches are made of plastic, metal foil, and as well as paper.

Currently, many industries have adopted this method for packaging their products. So if you are looking for a creative packaging idea for your business, you can as well consider going for flexible pouches.

10. Polybags

This is good for packing, packaging, or transporting different products. Some packaging items get damaged along the way, but polybags prevent this problem due to their thickness in protecting your product. As a result of this, it is always advised that small businesses adapt to this method of using polybags to protect their products.

Polybag is more recommendable for product packaging because of its protective qualities.

In Conclusion

Your method of packaging your products is the first impression you give to your clients. For this purpose, you need to be creative in your packaging approach.

On the other hand, if you are not sure about the product packaging ideas to choose from, you will have to contact professionals for guidance.

These are some ideal small business packaging ideas you can adapt when it comes to packaging your business products.

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