10 Convenience Store Business Ideas

Are you looking for convenience store business ideas for school? If Yes, then in this article, you will discover 10 convenience store business ideas to start in school or any other place.

Have you ever wanted to own a store but having a doubting mind whether stores are lucrative or not? Well, the retail store business is 100% profitable. It now depends on the area where you site your store. This is to say that, if you must make it in your retail store, then you must get a good location where your business will thrive.

However, there are best store business ideas to consider which has a good profit margin. Perhaps, the ones that will be mentioned in this article will present you with various opportunities and good access to different customers.

Business Plan For Convenience Stores

Before starting any convenience store business, you should consider the challenges, source of funds, cost, competitors, etc.

Your business plan will help you achieve this. It gives you an overview of your store’s future and guides you through each stage of running your store business successfully.

A good convenience store business plan will include the description of your store, activities, products, financial objectives, the market it serves, goals, opportunities, projected profit, management, etc.

Your business plan outlet can help you secure financial support and getting investors. So endeavor to come up with a good business plan for your stores.

10 Convenience Store Business Ideas For School

  1. Sales Of Electronic Gadgets
  2. Snacks And Beverages
  3. Selling Of Stationary
  4. Popcorn Making Business
  5. Grocery Store
  6. Computer Business Center
  7. Sales Of Students Foot Wears
  8. Bookshop For Student’s Textbooks
  9. Tutoring Center
  10. Boutique

1. Sales Of Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets are equipment used at homes and offices for communication, entertainment, and other activities. Electronic gadgets have high demand by students and consumers. Thereby starting this business is investment-worthy.

Here are some of the electronics gadgets: video games, laundry machines, air conditioners, microwaves, headphones, digital cameras, printers and scanners, laptops, etc.

How To Start Sales Of Electronic Gadgets

Pick a profitable niche: Decide whether to focus on Tv and radios, home appliances, or computer gadgets.

Register Your Business: The next step is to register your business and get the needed licenses and permits.

Good Location: Find a suitable location that fits your electronics gadgets business.

Getting Suppliers: When starting an electronic gadgets business, you will need to contact the right suppliers for reliable gadgets supplies.

Hire Staff: You will need to hire various staffs that will assist in your business.

The sales of electronics gadgets are among the lucrative convenience store business ideas to consider.

2. Snacks And Beverages

Snacks and beverages often make up a successful business. You can start this business and make money daily. This is because there is high demand for snacks likewise beverages.

Snacks and beverage business involves the selling of beverages and snacks like sausage meat pie, doughnut, etc.

Reasons Why You Should Start A Snacks And Beverage Business

High Demand: If you check across the cities you will discover that there is high demand for snacks and beverages.

A Profitable Venture: Since there is a huge demand for food products, it also means that the profit is very high.

Sells Fast: Snacks and beverages is a fast selling food product.

Therefore find a good location, and get the needed equipment & materials to get started.

3. Selling Of Stationeries

A typical example of stationeries include letterheads, envelopes, cut papers, calendars, pens, sticky notes, business cards. Invitation cards, etc. So if you are very creative you can fulfill your passion by starting a stationery business.

The truth is that if you establish a stationery business you will make a good income from it. And like every other business, you will need to commit your time to make it a successful venture.

How To Start Selling Stationeries

Choose Your Focus Items: You have to select the items to start with because you can’t cope with all the stationeries.

Get A Store: Your stationery store should be located close to schools and offices. That’s where you can find potential customers.

Furnish Your Store: First, you start by installing stationary shelves. Then buy your focus items and place them on the shelves so that it will be easier for customers to locate them.

Selling stationeries is not a complicated business. It is easy to start a business that requires careful planning.

4. Popcorn Making Business

Popcorn business is another convenience store business idea for school. It does not only thrive in a school environment but it works well both in commercial and residential areas.

One thing you should know about popcorn making business is that it is a low capital store business idea that generates income daily. However, you should get to know the basic requirements before starting this business.

How To Start A Popcorn Making Business

Know-How To Make Popcorns: When it comes to starting a popcorn-making business, you should avoid the mistakes of jumping into it without proper knowledge. You should be able to make popcorns that have good taste before you start this business.

Get A Shop: Getting a shop for your popcorn-making business is very important. And ensure that the environment is hygienic for this business.

Buy Popcorn Making Equipments: There are different popcorn-making equipment out there. Make sure to get them all ready.

Buy The Needed Ingredients: Also buy popcorn ingredients, and make them available for your popcorn-making business.

Start Selling Your Popcorns: Before you start producing your popcorns, consider branding your popcorn business. This may come from the nylon you use in packaging your popcorns. Through this, you can become extremely successful.

4. Grocery Store

The grocery store is another profitable store business you can start. Meanwhile, if you open a grocery store in any city or town, you will also experience high patronage. There is money to be made in a grocery store.

Just ensure to do careful planning and analysis when starting a grocery store so as not to stop halfway. And as well, you should understand your target market and competitors when venturing into it.

How To Start A Grocery Store

Suitable Location: A good location matters a lot for your business. An accessible location is recommended to get easy patronage. Furthermore, your location should be where your target audience is located.

Rent A Shop: Find a shop that is visible in your chosen location. The size of your shop will be solely dependent on the number of goods you intend to stock in. Also, furnish your shop to a good taste.

Stocking Your Shop: With everything in the right places, the next important step is to proceed and buy large quantity goods for your grocery store. It is also important to build good relationships with suppliers so that you can enjoy discounted benefits.

A grocery store is very lucrative. However, set up good pricing for your goods. An appropriate pricing strategy will help your grocery store to cover overhead costs, thereby increasing the net profit.

6. Computer Business Center

A computer business center offers the following services: scanning, photocopying, laminating, printing, and online registration services. A computer business center is very profitable if it is located in schools and busy areas.

Some computer business center renders cyber cafe services, though it depends on the level of your budget.

How To Start A Computer Business Center

Find A Good Location: Your business needs to be located in a suitable place that can attract customers. There are locations computer business centers doesn’t do well, For example, inside the market. However, you need a location near schools, offices, etc.

Purchase Equipment For Your Computer Business: Make sure to get the required items and equipment for starting a computer business center.

Staffing: You can employ few staff to make work easier for you. And they should be knowledgeable on their given task.

A computer business center is a profitable store business idea to also consider.

7. Sales Of Students Footwear

Selling students’ footwear is another business idea anyone can do and make money at school. Every student wears shoes, sandals, and other footwear. Thereby, starting a footwear business is a great way of earning extra income.

If you have a passion for fashions, you might be interested in learning how to start selling students’ footwear.

How To Start Selling Students Footwears

Decide The Type Of Footwear To Sell: There are a wide variety of markets for footwear. So you can decide to focus on ladies’ footwear, boys’/men’s footwear, or as well both.

Find A Store: First, you have to choose a good location for your footwear stores. Ensure to research your location properly before making a decision.

License Your Footwear Business: You need to properly license your footwear business since you are starting as a reseller.

Display Your Footwear: Contact suppliers that will supply footwear to your shop. But note that, you get footwear cheaper if you are buying directly from the manufacturers. After that, decorate your store with the footwear you are selling. And also make sure there are mirrors and seatings so that your customers can easily try the footwear.

Most importantly, you can still market your business using social media. And don’t forget to always make your customers feel comfortable.

8. Bookshop For Student’s Textbooks

A bookshop offers a variety of books starting from children’s books, teens’ books, and adults’ books. It is a good business that involves the sale of educational books.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might be interested in starting your own bookshop business.

How To Start Bookshop Business

Decide The Type Of Books To Sell: Your main focus is educational books since you are targeting students. And thereby, you have to decide whether to sell for college students or universities.

Secure A Shop: Locate your bookshop near schools where students can access your shop easily. On the other hand, you need to furnish your shop well. Let the bookshelves accommodate your books comfortably.

Buy Books From Reliable Suppliers: Find trusted and reliable suppliers for your books.

Once everything is set and done, try and take your marketing practices seriously. Approach schools and inform them about your bookshop business. This will eventually get your business noticed.

9. Tutoring Center

Starting a tutoring center at school has so many wonderful advantages especially when your center knows exactly what they are doing.

Your main purpose in starting a tutoring business is to help students improve their learning skills and also achieve their academic goals. Tutoring can be a profitable business when managing well.

How To Open A Tutoring Center

Plan Your Business: One of the best things to consider is the need to plan all aspects of your tutoring business. You have to identify your niche, know your target market and develop lists of subject services to offer.

Choose A Business Name: Choose a good name for your tutoring business, and ensure to get it registered.

Secure A Center: You now need to find a good place close to school, where your tutoring center will be located at. Then buy the necessary tools and equipment to keep it updated and ready for business.

Set Your Pricing: Determine your pricing rate for each subject you are offering in your tutoring business. And make sure that your charges are lower than your competitor’s own if you want to make it very fast.

Promote Your Tutoring Business: Marketing your services is essential to business success. Placing an advertisement strategically will be a good way of promoting your tutoring business.

Before starting a tutoring center, it is, therefore, necessary that you complete all the required research and build up a good reputation for your business.

10. Boutique

There is no doubt that a boutique business is also a lucrative convenience store business idea worth for startup. Aside from this, it also has a promising high return on investment. The clothing line business is thriving seriously in school.

The boutique business involves selling high-quality clothes and good accessories. Certainly, you will need a good amount of money to start a boutique business.

How To Start A Boutique Business

Understand The Business: You have to understand the pros and cons of the boutique business. And also understand the latest trends on board, and quickly knowing how to stock up on them without hesitation.

Choose A Specific Boutique Niche: Boutique has different categories. So you must decide whether to start a boutique for a particular gender or both.

Business Location: Your boutique location matters. Site your business in a traffic-high dense area. After that, get a nice store and make it ready for business.

Stock Your Shop: Starting a boutique business requires supplies of materials, tools, and equipment. However, you need to get a trusted supplier to constantly supply you with stock at the needed time.

Above all, a market survey is very important before deciding to start your boutique business.

In Conclusion

That is it, the 10 convenience store business ideas for school. Just like we stated earlier, you will need a comprehensive business plan for any store business you want to start.

Another important thing that will help you succeed in any convenience store business is to have good customer service. This is very important as you will be meeting a lot of people with different characters daily.

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