Top 10 Best Teen Business Ideas

If you are looking for teen business ideas then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will discover the top 10 best teen business ideas.

With the subsequent growth of businesses worldwide, teenagers are now taking the opportunity to build a profitable business regardless of the skills or experience they have. That’s why we did good research to come up with these teen business ideas so that teenagers will choose one of the ideas and get started.

While starting a business as a teenager won’t come easy, but it will be nice if you try your best to start somewhere first.

Top 10 Best Teen Business Ideas

When searching for teen business ideas, you should consider the following among the best business ideas for teens:

  1. Graphics Or Web Designing
  2. Errand Running Service
  3. Social Media Influencer
  4. Academic Private Tutoring
  5. Computer Repair Services
  6. Vlogging On YouTube
  7. Fashion Designing Business
  8. Audio Visual Tech For Events
  9. Post Construction Cleaning Services
  10. Open A Laundry Business

Out of these 10 teens’ business ideas, Graphics designing, fashion designing, vlogging, and laundry business are currently the most important business ideas for teenagers. Keep on reading to get more details about the teen businesses.

1. Graphics Or Web Designing

Graphics designing is predominantly, among the best teen business ideas to consider. Even as well a web designing business. Graphics and web designing are related in a slight view. Graphics are the basic need for any business both online and offline.

This means that the demand for graphic designing services is directly and indirectly enormous.

Graphic design is indeed a common design idea teenagers can start. Graphics designing requires an atom of creativity to thrive as much as possible.

On the other hand, the services of a web designer have also remained in high demand. In as much as new and, old businesses are coming online to engage their customers, the services of a website designer will be needed to create a website for such a business.

The work of a website designer is to build a functional website with good designs, workflow, and layout of the web page. It requires skills and creativity just like graphic designing to be a web designer.

Running a graphic and website designing requires more than creativity, it requires technical and marketing skills.

How To Start Graphics Or Web Designing Business

Identify Your Target Market: Before starting this web or graphic business, first, you must check out the existing services offered in the market field. And eventually, come up with alternatives on the services you have to offer.

The work of a graphic designer is to create designs like brochures, logos, invitations, stickers, posters business cards, etc.

However, you have to decide if you can opt in to provide graphic designs or to work for small businesses out there.

Determine Your Niche: Starting a graphic design business as a teen will require you to choose a focused niche. Meanwhile, you should first have the needed knowledge and skills in the graphic business before choosing out a profitable niche.

Subsequently, this may require a certificate to show that indeed you know what you are doing in the design industry.

Licenses And Permits: As a well-known recognized business, you should endeavor to register with the appropriate agencies and get the needed licenses and permits before operation.

Business registration ensures easy branding when distinguishing your services from your competitors. Your business cards, website, and logo should clarify your services and communicate your value, thereby showing your clients that your business is registered. This should boost up trust between your business and your clients.

Business Location For Your Web And Graphic Designing Services: In as much as you are starting this business as a teenager, you probably need a good location for your graphic/web design business.

You can as well decide to run a home graphic service. You will need a good office/home address for professional design services.

Purchase The Needed Equipment: Though the equipment is not plenty. But ensure to buy computers/laptops, printers, scanners, and few other graphic design programs to get started. Buy and install the needed software to start your graphic design business. Some of the graphics software include photoshop, Corel draw, etc.

Hire Staff: As a teenager you may need parental help to help you set up and run your graphic designing business.

However, you should consider recruiting trained staff to help you manage your graphic design business. You may decide to hire base on full-time or part-time services.

In addition, you should employ people who are dedicated to managing your business workflow.

Graphic and Web Designing businesses are two wonderful teen business ideas to consider.

Moreover, you need to identify your competitors both online and offline, who target the same market as you. And take note of their pricing system, services, and their methods for attracting clients.

2. Errand Running Services

You can still make good money starting an errand-running business as a teen. More people will be getting busier even as time goes on due to their schedules, And thereby making errand services to be more productive and profitable for teenagers. And also to individuals who are more likely to participate in this business.

Errand services involve carrying out day-to-day activities for payment. The services may vary from disposing of trash, laundry pick up and delivery, babysitting, and even car washing services.

As a result of executing some of these tasks for payments, Errand services are among the top-rated teen business ideas due to how lucrative they can be when run smoothly.

Errand services can be grouped into two, which involve common errands and complex errands. The common errands are those tasks that are easy to carry out and may not require certain skills. Examples of common errands are grocery shopping, car washing services, etc.

While the complex errands require high-quality skills to get accepted. Examples of such errands include flight tickets booking, booking tickets for a company’s event, errand services for an organization. This type of business offers an opportunity to make money as a teenager.

Starting An Errand Running Services

The following are some of the basic requirements to start errand services:

Business Structure: First, you have to decide the legal structure of your business as it is one of the recommended factors to consider.

Decide if your business will be run as a partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, or as a limited liability company. Your choice of structure will determine the taxes and level of responsibilities needed.

Business Registration: You start by choosing a good business name which has to be simple and catchy. Make sure that the business name has not been used by another company.

After getting a business name, the next step should be about registering your errand service business. This will enhance your business reputation.

Also try and have insurance, because it protects your business against every risk. Nevertheless, don’t forget that licensing is very needed in running an errand service business. Therefore, it is very important to obtain licenses from the local or state government.

Choose A Service To Offer: different services can be rendered when starting an errand business that you should be able to identify. The services are based on people that are been targeted. The list of services is laundry delivery services, car washing, post office errands, grocery pickup delivery, etc.

Some services are based on nursing moms, handicapped and old people that live alone. Just as the individual needs are different, so as the services are numerous in the errand business. So you have to choose a service to offer.

Equipment : To run errand services effectively, you may or may not need lots of equipment. But depending on the type of errand business you want to run. You will need a computer, database software, printer, invoices, cell phone, and most importantly, a vehicle or bike.

Pricing: There are no rules involves in setting up prices for your errand business. Charges may be based on the level of task to be performed or base on an hourly schedule. Also, when fixing your prices, you may charge based on the time you spent while fulfilling the task.

An errand business is a great teen business idea that solves a particular problem and in return, making a good income for you as a teenager.

Stores, elderly people, enterprises, and busy people may also need your services. You can boost your potential revenue by being friendly with your clients.

3. Social Media Influencer

One of the easy teen business ideas to consider is being a social media influencer. A lot of teenagers now want to have a career as an influencer and experiencing popularity at a young age. Influencer marketing has become more lucrative over the years.

A social media influencer has a good effect in promoting the services of others due to the large fan base he or she has.

A good social media influencer has already built a good reputation over the years, and they have gained a lot of trust from their audience.

You too can become a social media influencer with the help of social media. You can achieve this by being passionate and dedicated to growing in your chosen niche. By following the below steps you can be on your way to becoming a successful social media influencer:

Discover Your Niche: Choose a specific niche. There will be confusion ahead if you don’t have a defined niche. First, you have to decide whether to go for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

They are all effective most especially Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You have to dominate on 1 or 2 social media channels. Don’t be a jack of all trades.

Focus on one, or the highest of 2 channels and strive to succeed before opening other social media channels.

You should know that your niche determines your channel. And choose social media usernames that correspond with your niche.

Know Your Target Audience:

This is an important factor to analyze after choosing a reputable niche. Finding the right audience often determines your success as a social media influencer. Before producing content on your chosen platform, you need to know who your audience is.

Provide A Valuable Content: Content is the key. And not just anyhow content but valuable content. Your content should provide value to your target audience. For you to create valuable content, you must first have a good knowledge of your chosen niche and go out of your way to make researches for quality content.

Meanwhile, you have to be consistent in creating content for your audience. That is, you must be active in identifying social media trends and producing content of your own frequently.

And to help you meet up with constant updates, you have to develop a content calendar to meet up with your posting schedules.

Generating Traffic: As your followers are growing, so as your traffic will be increasing. And this means higher authority in your niche. However, you need to find a way of driving traffic to keep your influencer work moving.

Ensure to make your content easier to be shared by your audience and also engage in content promotion through social media adverts.

Try And Collaborate With Other Influencers: To become a successful social media influencer, you need to build a good relationship with top well-known influencers. Collaborating with them might not come easy since you are still new.

One of the easiest ways is to pay them to promote some of your content. By so doing, you are promoting yourself to gain fans from their communities.

One other amazing step to collaborate with top influencers in your niche is by featuring them in your content. Collaboration helps you to grow your fans as an influencer. But you constantly need to apply strategies that best works for you.

Always Engage Your Audience: As an upcoming influencer, you need to carry your fans along to boost their interest in your services and brand. One of the best ways to win your audience is by giving attention to their comments. Answer some of their questions, and appreciate them when necessary.

Replying to all comments may be hard, but replying most relevant comments will make your followers know that you value them.

Remaining consistency is the key to success in your career journey.

Becoming a successful social media influencer as a teenager will not come easy. In as much as you remain consistent, dedicated, and persistent, be rest assured that you will be able to grow big in your niche.

4. Academic Private Tutoring

Academic private tutoring is another opportunity for teens. Running an academic tutoring business can fetch you a good income. At the same time, it can be profitable if you have academic knowledge.

Every parent is ready to refer their children to any great academic tutoring because they want the best for their children.

There are no standard qualifications to become a private tutor, rather than having the right knowledge of the subjects you are focusing on.

Academic tutoring is a great teen business idea for teenagers and also students to make money from. Hereby, follow the below steps to start a successful academic tutoring business:

Decide The Group Of Persons You Will Tutor: Select targeted people you will tutor. You can decide to tutor kids or older people. What matters most, is by providing the required value the need.

Provide List Of Target Subjects: As a tutor, you have to list out the subjects you offer in your services. And ensure you have a vast knowledge of them.

Determine How To Teach Your Clients: Decide whether you want to tutor them online or offline. You can as well determine if it will be done at the client’s home, library or school.

Also, know that how you are going to provide your tutoring services can be determined by your client’s preference.

Set Up Your Sessions: Develop different sessions to cover up different subjects. Not only that, you will as well provide different teaching methods to meet up with each session. Get the needed tools to engage your students.

Choose A Business Name: You can operate your academic tutoring business under your preferred name. And obtain permits and licenses as required by your state.

Advertise Your Services: It is very important to promote your tutoring business. And you can achieve that by distributing fliers to schools, universities, and workplaces.

On the other hand, you can visit schools and introduce your services. Don’ forget to invest in a professional advertisement through social media platforms.

To sum up, if you are passionate about teaching for others, then you should consider starting an academic tutoring business.

5. Computer Repair Services

Considering the number of people using computers daily, you will get to know that computer repair services are a lucrative teen business idea.

As a teenager, you can manage and grow your services in repairing computers when things go wrong with them.

This business help computer users to fix and maintain their computers. This includes people using computers at home, organizations, and computer-related centers.

The increase in demand for computer repair services has indeed made it a profitable business for teens.

How To Start A Computer Repair Services

Create A Workable Business Plan: After choosing to start a computer repair service as your idea, the next option is to write a workable business plan.

A business plan gives you a full directory’s on how to manage your business well. It also allows you to get loans from investors.

Startup Capital: The setup capital required for operating a computer repair business depends on the business model. It can also be determined by the number of tools and equipment.

However, whatever thing you are doing, you have to get your capital ready.

Good Location: You need a good location where customers can access your workplace easily.

Getting A Business License And Permits: It may not be compulsory, but if possible obtain certificate-related services. This will prove to your customers that you are an expert in this business.

Tools And Equipments: Buy some of the tools and equipment needed in this business. You will need some of the following tools:

  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Flashlight
  • Part retriever
  • Tweezers
  • Wire Striper
  • Crimper
  • Punch-down tools
  • Electrical tapes

These are a few of the tools needed. You can as well install internet tools for solving hardware and software problems.

Implement Your Marketing Plan: Offer discounts to your customers to win their hearts. Also don’t forget to implement your marketing plan by advertising your business through flyers, newspapers, magazines, and online advertising through websites & social media.

Computer repair services are a good business for teenagers to invest in and maximize their skills. And lastly, know your specific target market to offer your services.

6. Vlogging On YouTube

Just like blogging, vlogging is all about creating and providing valuable videos that people would love to watch. Making money might not come easy, but there are great opportunities to make money from YouTube as time goes on.

This Is How To Start Vlogging On YouTube

Discover Your Pattern: It is important to identify a pattern that will work for you.

There are many niches that you can do on YouTube, which you have to first know your passion. For example, in Africa, the comedy skit has become too competitive, and to make it out will require lots of committed works.

However, there are tons of untapped niches you choose from. And the steps to succeed as a YouTuber are to know the pattern that will work for you and be on the right track (niche).

Create A YouTube Channel: Having gotten a niche, the next step would be about creating a YouTube channel. No special qualifications, skills, or capital are needed in creating a YouTube channel, Just your Gmail account.

Follow the given instruction to fill in the needed details and create a new channel.

Plan And Upload Your YouTube Video: You will need the right equipment to start vlogging. Your phone or laptop will be required to shoot videos based on your niche. But it is quite advisable to buy a good camera for high-quality videos.

Establish a schedule for your YouTube videos. You can decide to upload videos once or twice weekly.

Also, do well to engage your subscribers and inform them when next to expect your next video. And most importantly for them to turn on the notification bell.

Having Good Editing Software: There are free and paid good editing software for your YouTube videos. Editing is necessary as it corrects certain mistakes and makes your videos clean before uploading.

Each software editors have its pros and cons with their features. So, endeavor to watch tutorials on how to use them.

You can make money with your YouTube channel by selling products, through Google AdSense, working with brands, etc. It may take a little time, but you have to be in the right niche to succeed.

7. Fashion Designing Business

The fashion designing business is the most lucrative suggested teen business idea with a high-income rate. If you are skilled in designing clothes, you can take it further by starting a fashion designing business.

The fashion industry is worth more than 1 trillion dollars which are expected to hit 5 trillion dollars in the nearest future. To succeed in the fashion design business, you have to go through the following processes:

Get Trained: Training is mandatory as it gives you adequate knowledge about the fashion industry. And also provide you the adequate skills on how to sew and design clothes to satisfy your customers.

Fashion designing requires a high level of creativity, that’s why you need to understand all aspects of this business before getting started.

Identify Your Target Market: The next step in starting a fashion design business is to identify a niche in the fashion industry.

Without the knowledge of whom your target customers are, you simply may not comply with the burdens and all-around competition.

So you have to do some research and identify a market need, then come up with a niche that suits the market.

Register Your Fashion Design Business: Business registration is compulsory to structurize your fashion business. Now that you have to know your target market. You will have to fulfill the legal requirement by registering your business with the state where you will be operating your fashion business.

At least, you will obtain a business license and permits to officially start your fashion design business. Contact your local or state agency to ensure that you have the needed licenses and permits.

Good Location: Look for a suitable location for your business. Location matters a lot. One of the causes of some business failures is the inaccessible business location.

Your ideal location should be sited very close to your target audience and should be easily accessible.

And as you are renting a shop, you should design your shop and make it a comfortable place for your customers.

Purchase Equipments: You should also consider buying the fashion designing equipments. Here are some of the needed materials and equipments:

  • Weaving machine
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery machine
  • Fashion design furniture
  • Sewing metres
  • Good light system
  • Pressing irons
  • Sketching books, etc.

The fashion designing business is worth investment but requires a high level of creativity. Also, ensure to engage in promotional activities to get your business closer to your target audience.

8. Audio Visual Tech For Events

An audiovisual tech (technicians) coordinates, sets up and organizes sound and video equipment used to conduct live events. This is one of the beneficial jobs for teenagers. The description of your responsibilities includes maintenance, setup, and organizing equipment for an event.

To become a good audiovisual technician, you eventually need to have a broad knowledge of computer, audio, and video technology. And you may need to learn the skills through apprenticeship.

As a teenager looking for teens’ business ideas, you can check out this idea and follow the required procedures to get started.

9. Post Construction Cleaning Services

The post-construction cleaning business has provided lots of business not only for teenagers but also to entrepreneurs who are aspiring to venture into this industry.

In case you don’t know what post-construction cleaning is all about, it means a type of cleaning performed in a newly constructed building.

After the completion of a building, it is expected that a thorough and careful cleaning is carried out before the facilities will be put to use in the new building or structure.

How To Start A Post Construction Services

Good Planning: A proper planning is needed to map out specific tasks required to make your business successful. It also helps you to quickly analyze the market by knowing the pros and cons of the business.

Target Market: The post-construction cleaning business mostly comes with residential and commercial cleaning. So you have to decide how your target market will be like.

For instance, the services of post constructions are needed at home, warehouse, factory, apartments, hotels, and even business trips. You can decide the right clients that can effectively grow your services.

Name Of Business: Choosing the right and appropriate name for your services is very important.

When it comes to choosing a unique name for your business, ensure that the name has not been used by another company. And it is very important to secure your domain name very fast before another person takes it up.

Obtain The Needed Permits And Licenses: Your business might be shut down if you fail to obtain the needed permits and licenses. State and local permits and licenses will be needed in operating your post-construction cleaning business.

Create Your Business Website: Before creating a website, you first have to develop a brand for your business. A brand is solely what your business is known as. It starts by creating a good company logo that will represent your business.

Now that you have created your business logo, the next step is to create a site for your business. Your website should bear your business name and also contain your company’s logo.

While creating a website for your business, also make sure you create social media accounts for your business.

Post-construction cleaning services are a lucrative idea to venture as a teenager, entrepreneur, and as a business starter.

Develop promotional strategies to create awareness about your services and be nationally recognized. Ensure to get business insurance and set up a good business accounting.

10. Open A Laundry Business

A laundry business often referred to as a dry cleaning business is among the top recommended teen business ideas.

Well, the laundry services involve washing clothes (other textile materials), drying and ironing them for individuals and the company’s purposes.

A laundry business is a profitable venture anyone can do to make money. You can decide to operate part-time or full-time. A laundry business is a teen business idea that requires little capital to get started.

Steps To Starting A Successful Laundry Business

Follow the below steps to start a laundry business:

A Good Business Plan For Your Laundry Business: Before setting up your laundry business, you should consider some of the basic requirements like challenges, competitors, cost, marketing strategies, etc. A good business plan helps you to achieve this.

Your business plan outlines your competitors and details on how to achieve your plans. A business plan should be your number one priority.

A Good Location: Your laundry business needs a good location with lesser competition. Having a large space that can accommodate your tools and equipment is recommended.

When looking for a location, ensure to find good places situated in residential areas.

Business Name: A professional business name should be chosen. And your choice of name should be catchy, and also doesn’t conflict with other business names. Now, get the needed licenses and permits to start operating your laundry business.

Buying The Needed Equipment: Purchase the needed equipment to start your laundry business. It would be of help if you have the complete equipment.

Here are just a few of the compulsory laundry equipment: washing machines, ironing tables, dryers, hangers, laundry detergents, etc.

Price Range: Do research and know what other laundry cleaners are charging for their services, Then set up your price.

Promoting Your Laundry Business: At this point, you need to implement a good marketing strategy to reach out to potential customers.

Firstly, you have to create awareness by putting a signpost of your laundry services. And in addition, you can offer a discount to your customers to keep them coming.

Laundry indeed is also a profitable work from home business idea which you can make a lot of money from. Take all the needed strategies seriously to make it a successful business.

In Conclusion

These are the best teen business ideas to select from. And if you haven’t fully gotten to the age of managing some of the above-mentioned businesses, you may eventually need assistance from your parents to control the business for you.

It is also advisable for you to do online and offline research about any particular business you are passionate about, before getting started.

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